The Horses on Rescue Ranch

The Rescue Ranch is a special place where horses and ponies can play, run, recover, and meet new friends. Learn more about the stories of the horses who have visited or live on the Rescue Ranch below:

Puzzle the pony

Meet Puzzle

Puzzle comes to Rescue Ranch in need of some compassionate care and lots of patience, as his elderly owner wasn’t able to take care of him any more. Puzzle isn’t used to being around people or being handled. However, Skye and Puzzle form a special bond and she works hard to take really good care of him.

Apollo, the horse

Meet Apollo

Apollo is a lovely horse who’s boarded at Rescue Ranch and owned by Shelby’s family.

Betty, the horse

Meet Betty

At first, Betty isn’t comfortable leaving the security of her stall. However, Isabella, born in Brazil, soon realizes Betty was previously owned by a Portuguese-speaking family and begins giving her commands in the language she understands.

Screen Shot 2018-08-06 at 7.44.01 PM

Meet Blue

Blue comes to Rescue Ranch when his family must sell their property because of a divorce. Ten year old Brandon doesn’t want to lose Blue, but the Ponysitter’s Club helps to make the difficult transition easier for him.

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Meet Millie

Millie is a twin pony that Skye meets at the fair. At first, Skye thinks the owner is overworking the pony, not realizing there are actually two identical ponies that are sharing duties!

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Meet Gary the Goat

Gary the Goat has been living at Rescue Ranch for the past few years and loves being around all his animal and human friends!


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