Meet The Ponysitters Club

Skye lives with her Mom, Billy and her Grandpa on the Rescue Ranch. With help from her friends Olivia, Trish, Ethan, Isabella, Shelby, and Kyle, Skye and her family take care of horses with unfortunate histories. Together, the Ponysitters Club supports one another in their mission toward caring, kindness, empathy, and helping!

Get to know the members of the Ponysitters Club below:


Skye loves living at the Rescue Ranch with her Mom, Billy and her Grandpa.


Olivia is Skye’s best friend, a Ponysitters Club member, and a fellow Rescue Ranch volunteer.


Trish volunteers regularly at the Rescue Ranch and is a member of the Ponysitters Club


Ethan loves horses and is a great graphic artist.


Isabella was born in Brazil but recently moved to Cedar Valley.


Shelby has been taking equestrian lessons for years, and she even has her own horse, Apollo.


Kyle is Olivia’s cousin, and has a pet rat named Magic.


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