The young stars of Pony Sitters Club, posing with a horse

About Ponysitters Club

Skye loves everything about living at Rescue Ranch, especially hanging out at the horse stable that rescues horses and ponies. She thinks she is ready to help with more care for the animals. Her mother Billy, who runs the ranch, is reluctant to give her more responsibilities as Skye struggles with her reading and homework. Her friends Olivia, Trish and Ethan come up with a plan to share the horse care and support Skye. The Ponysitters Club is formed. Together they practice compassion and nurturing for these animals that have had an unfortunate past. We follow Skye and her friends through their modern kid lives and how they intersect with life on the ranch. All for horses and horses for all!

Core Values

The Ponysitters Club focuses on the growth and development of the kids on and off the Ranch. Storylines deal with working through various levels of physical, mental and learning abilities. While including core values of Empathy, Compassion, Friendship, Family, Community and Inclusion, Ponysitters Club entertains audiences with heartfelt and educational stories. Skye leads the club with care for all of her animal and human friends. She struggles with dyslexia and therefore has to work hard to balance her passion for helping animals on the Ranch with her schoolwork. Skye’s focus on hard work is passed on to the rest of the Ponysitters Club and together the Club members use teamwork to help each other.


The Ponysitters Club is formed after Skye struggles to balance her school work (getting behind her classmates due to her dyslexia) and the work she wants to do on her family’s Rescue Ranch. Her best friend Olivia offers to tutor her, but it isn’t until Trish and Ethan see that Skye needs more support in both school and on the Ranch that they offer to all come together and form the Ponysitters Club.


Most of the stories of Ponysitters Club center around an animal in need on the Ranch. Skye and the rest of the Ponysitter Club must come up with various ways to support the animals in need, as well as the Ranch as a whole. From giving the animals different levels of care with the help of Skye’s Grandpa, a veterinarian, to coming up with creative ways to raise money for the Ranch to allow them to support more animals, caring for animals in need is at the core of every episode.


Through the various adventures of Skye and the rest of the kids at Rescue Ranch, they create positive and supportive relationships that strengthen them all as individuals and as a group. By supporting one another, all the kids learn new ways to care for animals, help raise money for the Ranch, and excel in new activities at home and in school.


Skye’s adventures often include the insights of her mother and grandpa. Billy, Skye’s mom, is a single mother who lives on the Ranch with Grandpa and together with Skye and the rest of the Ponysitters Club, works hard to create a supportive and care-intensive place both for the kids and for animals in need. The importance of family is emphasized as Skye learns about being a veterinarian from her grandpa and works with her mother to balance life on the Ranch and her learning disability at school.


Many of the storylines featured on the show focus on how the Rescue Ranch and Ponysitters give back to the community and how the community gives back to them. From supporting local fairs to housing animals during a fire evacuation, the necessity of community support plays a crucial role in the development of the Ranch and the kids who spend time on it.


The Ponysitters Club prioritizes including everyone in their fun. Whether it’s inviting Shelby, the sometimes-antagonistic stable renter, to pet reptiles or inviting Isabella, a shy girl who just moved to the area from Brazil, to be a Ponysitter after noticing her passion for animals, everybody is welcome. The Ponysitters Club also shows that any level of ability can be supported by including animals. Storylines including Skye’s struggles with dyslexia or Olivia’s cousin Kyle’s cerebral palsy, demonstrate how caring for horses can help everyone.


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